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Roseslea's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Relearn to play the basics of piano. Creativity
Learn to waltz (basic). Creativity
Learn to bellydance (basic). Creativity
Learn to dance. Creativity
Meet Melanie Martinez. Culture
Hug a tiger. Culture
See Yuzuru Hanyu skate live. Culture
Meet Seungri. Culture
Go to a Melanie concert. Culture
Pet a giraffe. Culture
Ride in a limo. Culture
Go to a Big Bang concert. Culture
Go to a ball. Culture
Go to a Classical Concert. Culture
Eat Salmiakki Ice Cream. Culture
Meet Hayao Miyazaki. Culture
Go to a book cafe. Culture
Host or be part of a surprise party. Social
Have a movie marathon. Social
Go to a masquerade ball. Social
Go to a Music Festival. Social
Host an Unbirthday Party. Social
Have a ladies' night. Social
Visit a Karaoke Bar. Social
Accept as many social invites as possible in 2017. Social
Perform as Alice at an Alice in Wonderland show. Social
Go out at night. Social
Be the belle of the ball. Social
Go to Scotland. Travel
Go to Disneyland. Travel
Go to Ireland. Travel
Go to England. Travel
Go to Korea. Travel
Go to Japan. Travel
Go to Italy. Travel
Go back to Slovakia. Travel
Go to France. Travel
Go back to Germany. Travel
Go to Turkey. Travel
Go to Canada. Travel
Fly First Class. Travel
Go hiking. Sport
Walk a marathon or half-marathon. Sport
Relearn the basics of ice skating. Sport
Relearn the basics of horse riding. Sport
Go rock climbing. Sport
Have a fireplace. Moving
Get a roommate. Moving
Have a collection of dolls and plushies. Moving
Have a dollhouse. Moving
Move out. Moving
Get my citizenship. Moving
Start wearing makeup. Moving
Get a new wardrobe. Moving
Have a little cottage with big windows. Moving
Grow roses. Moving
Live in the village. Moving
Have a big garden. Moving
Submit an animation to a festival. Career
Have the best small studio in the world. Career
Make millions of animations. Career
Perfect my art style. Career
Attend a convention as a stallholder. Career
Get my own animation studio. Career
Make my first animated short. Career
Animate The Elythald. Career
Get a job. Career
Order something online. Financial
Buy fan merchandise. Financial
Save 10% of my income. Financial
Go to a haunted house. Entertainment
Take drama classes. Education
Learn Hungarian. Education
Learn psychology. Education
Learn conversational Arabic. Education
Get a Masters in Animation. Education
Get a Certificate of TESOL. Education
Complete this animation course. Education
Learn (basic) sign language. Education
Learn conversational Korean. Education
Get a massage. Health
Stop hoarding. Health
Fix my scoliosis. Health
Ease down my puzzle addiction. Health
Conquer insomnia. Health
Be myself, completely. Health
Beat anxiety. Health
Beat depression. Health
Tears of happiness. Health
Start drinking (non-alcoholic) red wine. Health
Get whiter teeth. Health
Start praying more. Health
Watch the sunrise with hot cocoa. Health
Gain 5 kilograms. Health
Go to a Spa. Health
Have a pillow fight. Fun
Solve a mystery. Fun
Bury someone, or be buried, in the sand. Fun
Get behind a waterfall. Fun
Go to a party. Fun
Go on a picnic. Fun
Have a vlog. Fun
Go to a buffet. Fun
Win at an escape room again. Fun
Play painless paintball. Fun
Dance in the rain. Fun
Go to a trampoline park. Fun
Celebrate Halloween. Fun
Celebrate Christmas. Fun
Celebrate Valentines Day. Fun
Make a prank call. Fun
Rose petals EVERYWHERE. Fun
Actually do a dare. Fun
Get another henna tattoo. Fun
Have a water fight. Fun
Play paperdolls again. Fun
Go to a carnival. Fun
Wear a costume. Fun
Play talking game again. Fun
See live fireworks. Fun
Go camping. Fun
Expertize 10 meals. Skills
Get my drivers' license. Skills
Make my own clothes. Skills
Learn to tie 3 strong knots. Skills
Learn to sing. Skills
Learn to find 12 constellations. Skills
Learn to sew. Skills
Learn to swim. Skills
Be a bridesmaid. Bucket List
Get married. Relationships
Have a child. Relationships
Meet my soulmate. Relationships
Go shopping with friends. Relationships
Have a BFF. Relationships
Have a sleepover. Relationships
Volunteer with friends. Relationships
Get a special boyfriend. Relationships
Go on dates. Relationships
Share a fondue. Relationships
Kiss in the moonlight. Relationships
Make out. Relationships
Go out in a big group of friends. Relationships
Meet up with the R's. Relationships
Go on a road trip. Relationships
Get a super crazy crush. Relationships
Scary stories around a campfire. Relationships
Host a party. Relationships
Fall in love (with a non-abusive person). Relationships
Kiss like in the kdrama, "Temptation of Wolves" Relationships
Go on a romantic cruise. Relationships
Have first (that I actually wanted) kiss. Relationships
Make sad people smile. Charity
Volunteer. Charity
Donate to charity. Charity
Volunteer in counselling. Charity

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