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Potatoesse's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Write a novel Creativity
Get tatted Creativity
Paint a mural Creativity
Draw a tattoo for myself Creativity
pose nude for an art class Creativity
Dye part or all of my hair blonde Creativity
Teach english in another country Culture
Attend A Broadway Play Culture
Vote Culture
Give Flowers to random people Social
Participate in a protest Social
Visit a nude-beach/park Social
Sit in Starbucks by myself Well-being
Have a son named Luca Well-being
Own a German shepherd & pug Well-being
Hear a homeless persons story Well-being
Be more spiritually connected to Christ Well-being
Help a person with a mental illness Well-being
Help an endangered species from extinction Well-being
Be vegan for a bit Well-being
Go back to church Well-being
Find my purpose in life Well-being
Shop for my own style! Well-being
Find a true best friend Well-being
Run a marathon Well-being
Wear heels in public Well-being
Have a body I can be proud of Well-being
Take a yoga class Well-being
throw a dart at a map and travel where it lands Travel
Study abroad Travel
Spend day in Chicago city Travel
Go to France Travel
Go to the UK Travel
Leave the U.S. Travel
Eat authentic pizza in Italy Travel
Attend a Major League Baseball game Sport
Learn how to ice skate Sport
Try out for a sports team Sport
Live in NYC Moving
Move into a bigger house Moving
Live in another country for at least a year Moving
Move out on my own Moving
Star/extra in a movie Career
Get a job somewhere Career
Have an artistic job Career
Become a teacher Career
Buy my own car Financial
Attend another concert Entertainment
Get into A+ program Education
Get 95% higher for both semesters Education
Graduate college Education
Take my ACT Education
Take a culinary class Education
Lose 30 more pounds Health
Grow my own potatoes Health
Go to Prom Fun
Finish all the books on my shelf Fun
Join a stranger family photo Fun
Go to Coachella Fun
Finish a book every week Fun
Know how to sew Skills
Get my license & drive Skills
Speak fluent French Skills
Learn how to ride a unicycle Skills
Drive a stick shift Skills
Hug Ed Sheeran Bucket List
Go ziplining Bucket List
Learn how to dance Bucket List
Ride in a hot air balloon Bucket List
Give my own speech Bucket List
Add a lock to lovers bridge Bucket List
Go Skinny Dipping Bucket List
Plant a tree Bucket List
Milk a cow Bucket List
Hold a live panda bear Bucket List
Drive an RV Bucket List
Get married in a forest Bucket List
Love @ first sight with my soulmate Relationships
Make amends to everyone I've wronged in the past Relationships
Visit my father & siblings Relationships
Start my own charity Charity
Change someone's life Charity
Supply water to people in Africa Charity
Donate to cause online Charity
Donate blood Charity
Buy a homeless person a full meal Charity
Donate to cause in person Charity
Go on a date
Leave a note in a library book
Write Yourself a Letter and Read it 10 Years Later
Grow hair past collarbones
Go on a road trip with friends
Learn how to meditate

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