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Livinlife's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Take a photo of the Northern Lights Creativity
Shower under waterfall Creativity
Have a silly string fight Creativity
Take a Photo everyday for a whole year Creativity
do a colour run Culture
Swim in every sea Travel
throw a dart at a map and travel where it lands Travel
Start a road trip without a destination Travel
Travel to all 7 continents Travel
see the pyramids and the sphinx in eygpt Travel
Go skydiving Sport
Go to a music festival Entertainment
Carve name into a tree Fun
Attend a murder mystery dinner Fun
go to a carnival Fun
Hold a monkey Fun
Hand someone a briefcase and say, "You know what to do" and then run Fun
Swim with dolphins Fun
Ride an elephant Bucket List
Go White Water Rafting Bucket List
Sleep under the stars Bucket List
Attend a foam party Bucket List
Release a floating lantern Bucket List

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