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Lilypopilly's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Have a spa day Well-being
Go to Italy Travel
Buy a vacation home in italy Travel
Go to watch the Olympics Travel
Visit Mexico with Uncle Mike Travel
Drive cross country Travel
Go to the superbowl Sport
Do Tough Mudder Sport
Live in New York Moving
Build a home Moving
Make a million dollars Career
Have a talk show Career
Win an Oscar Career
Open Restaurant Career
Publish a book Career
Direct a movie Career
Do at least one professional acting thing Career
Model in at least one photo shoot Career
Open Business Career
Open Lawfirm Career
Graduate college Education
Get law degree Education
Do Tough Mudderella Health
Learn to speak fluid Italian Skills
Take tae kwon do Skills
Have Gram and Gramp live with you Relationships
Get married Relationships
Have kids Relationships
Visit Honduras for charity Charity
Help go out and save animals Charity
Be a 'big sister' for Big Brother and Big Sisters Charity

Idea box and problem report - Web developer

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