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Lilrose263's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Learn A Different Language Culture
Get A Henna Tatoo Culture
Own 30 Different Types Of Tea Social
Go A Cruise Travel
Pose With the Leaning Tower of Pisa | Italy Travel
Walk Across Abbey Road in London Travel
Go To Europe Travel
Stomp Grapes Travel
Go To A Vineyard Travel
Order Room Service Travel
Visit Every Capital Of Australia Travel
Go To DisneyLand Travel
Go On A Gondala Travel
See Snow In Person Travel
Eat Fondue in Switzerland Travel
Make a Wish in the Trevi Fountain | Italy Travel
Go To Greece Travel
Eat Pasta In Italy Travel
Go To Canada Travel
Go To New Zealand Travel
Go Zorbing Sport
Make It To The Top Of A Rock Wall Sport
Bowl a 200+ Game Sport
Own Every Animated Disney Movie Entertainment
Watch Every Movie In My Collection Entertainment
Read A 100 Books In A Year Education
Finish Bachelor Of Nursing Education
Solve A Rubix Cube Education
Start A Bachelor Of Nursing Education
Learn A Nicki Minaj song Fun
Go To A Drive-In-Theatre Fun
Build A Snowman Fun
Get A Kiss From A Seal Fun
Do the Adventure Climb At Janolin Caves Fun
Go In A Hot Air Balloon Fun
Take A Dance Class Fun
Do A Message in Bottle Fun
Flawlessly Rock the Nicki Minaj song at karoke Fun
Get My Licence Skills
Complete A 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Skills
Be A Flower Girl Bucket List
Be A Maid Of Honour Bucket List
Be A Bride Bucket List
Be A Bridesmaid Bucket List
Save A Life Bucket List
Voulenteer At Starlight Childrens Foundation Charity
Voulenteer At Ronald Mcdonald House Charity Charity

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