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Kyraceline's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Disneyland Paris Culture
Protest Trump Well-being
Amsterdam with Nat Travel
vegas with nat Travel
Switzerland!! School, Lucerne Travel
Turkey Travel
Morocco Travel
South Africa- cape town, safari Travel
Slovakia, Romania Travel
Belize, mayan stuff Travel
Figi Travel
Croatia- Krka, Dubrovnik Travel
seville, spain Travel
Germany- salzburg, berlin, munich Travel
west coast roadtrip up to canada Travel
Yellowstone!! (mammoth springs!!) Travel
Lisbon, Porto Travel
Seville, Barca, San Sebastian Travel
Malta Travel
Maya trail trip, see ruins Travel
Machu Pichu Travel
Egyptian pyramids Travel
Copenhagen Travel
Revisit Nice with friends or family Travel
New Orleans w Nat Travel
Hawaii with Nat Travel
Disneyworld Travel
Disneyland Tokyo Travel
Thailand Travel
cinque terre w nat Travel
New Zealand (auckland, wellington?) Travel
Australia (gold coast, melbz, adelaide?) Travel
China Travel
Hungary (Budapest) Travel
Fly 1st class Travel
Japan (Tokyo, pod beds) Travel
Vietnam/ Laos Travel
Prague, CZR Travel
Mexico Travel
Milan, Italy Travel
Greece Travel
Get a gym membership Health
Iceland- See Northern Lights Fun
Bora Bora Bucket List
Costa Rica Relationships

Idea box and problem report - Web developer

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