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Jamesrules123456's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
get married Social
Give Blood Well-being
Snowboard Sport
Explore a cave Fun
Indoor Skydive Fun
Swim With Dolpins Fun
Cave Rapelling Fun
Scuba Dive Fun
meet someone famous Fun
Bungee Jump Fun
Swim With Stingrays Fun
Wrap a snake around your neck Fun
Swim with turtles Fun
Jump off a cliff Fun
Kiss a stranger Skills
Parasail Bucket List
Base Jump Bucket List
Skydive Bucket List
have children Relationships
ride in a horse and carrige
Horseback ride on beach
Herd Cattle
feed a croc
See a coral reef
See penguins in natural habitat
Stand under a Water Fall
Hug a redwood
Ride an elephany
Feed a Koala
Hols a tarantula
Milk a Cow
See the Salmon run
Go Whale Watching
Swim with a school of fish
Drive Trough dust storm
Swim in the Ocean
Go Clam Digging
Kiss a Sea Lion
Take a zipline ride
Hold a Monkey
Eat Fire
Do a flip on a trampoline
Ride a luge
Go on a Police Ride Along
Rope Swing into water
Sail a Boat
Donate toys on the holidays
Dog Sled
Shear a sheep
Take a Heli ride
Ride in a Hot Air Ballon
Go rock Climbing
Kite Surf
Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger
Receive a fan letter
Feed Sharks
Ride ATV's in sand dunes
Meet a well known politition
Whitewater Raft
Sing a karaoke duet
Walk a Suspension Bridge
Carve your name into a tree
Meet the Prez
Meet the prez
Sleep in a barn on a haystack
attend a rodeo
sleep in a iglo

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