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Jacobmartinsongs's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Host a Wine Tasting Social
Attend a Wine Tasting Social
See a psychiatrist Well-being
Fly First Class Travel
Fly on a Privet Jet Travel
Vacation to Belice Travel
Vacation to Aruba Travel
Go on a Cruse Travel
Go on a vacation with only a few days notice Travel
Go to the UK Travel
Go to France Travel
Spend day in Chicago city Travel
throw a dart at a map and travel where it lands Travel
Travel out of the Country Travel
Vacation to Hawaii Travel
Live in another country for a year Moving
Live in Boston for a Year Moving
live in another state for a year Moving
Live in L.A. for a Year Moving
Live in N.Y for a Year Moving
Become a Store Manager Career
Hire a Personal Assistant Career
Star/extra in a movie Career
Become a Realtor Career
Rent out a house to someone Career
Become a Wedding Planner Career
Sell 20,000 units on itunes Career
Sign a $250,000 Record Deal Career
Get a Job Career
Own a Business Career
Become a Teacher Career
Graduate High School Education
Take a culinary class Education
Own a Mercedes Fun
Create an in home bar Fun
Own a Grand Piano Fun
Attend the Grammys Fun
Own a BMW Fun
Decorate an entire room with items from yard sales Fun
Own a Cat Fun
Go out for a night, and rent a limo Fun
Own a Corvette Fun
Get my license & drive Skills
Start my own charity Charity
Buy a homeless person a full meal Charity
Pay for a Strangers Dinner Charity

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