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Brajan44's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
be an extra in a movie Creativity
Throw a suprise party Social
watch the ball drop in times square on new years Social
become famous (for a short time) Social
Run a marathon Well-being
disapppear for two months Well-being
own a buisness Well-being
Have an empty jar at the start of the year and fill it with notes of everything good that happens. Read them all on Jan 1st the following year Well-being
Throw a dart at a map & travel where it lands Travel
Travel to all 7 continents Travel
Islands of Fiji Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Visit the Colosseum, Rome Travel
Start a road trip without a destination Travel
Drive Route 66 Travel
Go skydiving Sport
go snowboarding Sport
Live in another country for at least a year Moving
Buy my Home Financial
Go to a masked ball Entertainment
become a youtuber Entertainment
Learn another language Education
learn to pilot a helicopter. not sure if I spelled that right but I'm still awesome anyway. Education
Learn to motorcycle Health
Get in a taxi and say "Follow that car!" Fun
Send a message in a bottle Fun
Send a message in a bottle Fun
Release a Paper Lantern Fun
Swim in all 5 oceans Fun
release balloons with notes atached Fun
Be in the audience of a TV show Fun
Carve name into a tree Fun
Go indoor skydiving Fun
Learn to surf Fun
Participate in a flashmob Fun
drink tequila in Mexico Fun
Get tattooed with a buddy Fun
kiss in the rain Fun
Kiss under fireworks Bucket List
Bury a time capsule Bucket List
Write a letter for after I die Bucket List
Save someone's life Bucket List
Use A Fake Name At Starbucks Bucket List
Ride in a helicopter Bucket List
Watch a rocket launch Bucket List
Go Rock Climbing Bucket List
Spend New Year's in Times Square Bucket List
Experience zero gravity Bucket List
Kiss on top of a ferris wheel Relationships
kiss under a mistletoe Relationships
Fall In love Relationships
Watch Lion King under the stars Relationships
Volunteer at an animal shelter Charity
Make someone I don't know smile Charity
Buy a homeless person a full meal Charity
Buy something for a stranger anonymously Charity
Master archery
Go to New Orleans during Marti Gras
Write a letter and read it 10 years later
Own a dog

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