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Audrey's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Dye my hair Creativity
Create a completely new fashion wardrobe Creativity
Randomly select a book from a Library and read it Creativity
Re-decorate Creativity
dance all night Creativity
Find a new band Culture
Go the World Series Social
Go the World Series Social
lie about my age Social
Go to a Spa Social
Help a stranger Social
kiss a stranger Well-being
Do something that terrifies you Well-being
Be Happy! Well-being
earn money from something Financial
Go to a concert Entertainment
crowd surf Entertainment
Get driver's license Education
Donate Blood Health
nose piercing Health
Swim under a waterfall Fun
have a big party Fun
sneek a boy into my room Fun
Send a message in a bottle Fun
Carve name into a tree Fun
Go Camping Fun
go to a drive in movie Fun
Bonfire Fun
Go to the mall Fun
Movie night! Fun
Learn how to write with your left hand Skills
Learn some guitar Skills
Have a 3 night sleepover Bucket List
Get out of my comfort zone Bucket List
Bury a time capsule Bucket List
Sleep under the stars Bucket List
Use A Fake Name At Starbucks Bucket List
go to hot topic Bucket List
Put a smile on someone's face Bucket List
jump off a roof Bucket List
kiss a girl Bucket List
kiss a boy Relationships
Forgive someone I hate Relationships
Watch a Sunset with someone Relationships
Go on a roadtrip with my bestfriend
Take photos in a photobooth
Save money

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