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Amartinez's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
learn the moonlight sonata Creativity
Take dance lessons w/ a boyfriend Creativity
Become a yoga intructor Well-being
get paid to travel Well-being
Visit the pyramids Travel
Go to la tomatina Travel
Visit Machu Pichu Travel
Visit Hawaii Travel
Visit French polynesian islands Travel
visit japan Travel
visit greece Travel
Visit the niagra falls Travel
Go camping Travel
Visit California Travel
Travel to every continent Travel
Take a Road trip Travel
Visit the Grand Canyon Travel
Go to thailand Travel
learn how to surf Sport
Go skydiving Sport
Work in DC Career
Intern in Spain Career
Get a job that I love Career
Graduate Tech Education
Study in Paris Education
Get straight A's one semester Education
Study in South America Education
Get a masters Education
Go to lollapalooza Fun
go to bonnaroo Fun
Go to ULTRA croatia Fun
learn dutch Skills
learn french Skills
Learn the guitar Skills
become fluent in Spanish Skills
See the northern lights Bucket List
Walk the Great wall of china Bucket List
Go to hot air ballon festival Bucket List
Have two kids Relationships
Marry someone I love Relationships
Go to tomorrowland

Idea box and problem report - Web developer

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