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Abigail1129's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Write a novel Creativity
Attend a masquerade ball Social
Visit all 50 states Travel
Go to the Ellen Show Travel
Road trip across the US Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Be a part of a flash mob Entertainment
Send a message in a bottle Fun
Start a food fight Fun
Be in New York for New Years Eve Bucket List
Throw a dart and go where it lands Bucket List
Participate in a color run Bucket List
Camp out in the desert Bucket List
Run a successful Youtube channel Bucket List
Swim in all the oceans Bucket List
Meet Carrie Underwood Bucket List
Walk the beaches of Australia Bucket List
Mission trip in a needy country Bucket List
Meet 5 Seconds of Summer Bucket List
Cross everything off my bucket list Bucket List
Have a paint fight Bucket List
Learn to play an instrument Bucket List
Stand under the Hollywood sign Bucket List
Walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame Bucket List
See the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade live Bucket List

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