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Some examples of challenges:

Description Category #
Go to Australia Travel 213
Scuba dive Bucket List 49
go to london Travel 37
See The Taj Mahal Travel 33
Dye hair Bucket List 29
Fly on a plane Bucket List 19
Start my own blog Creativity 14
Travel to Sydney Travel 14
Go to vidcon Entertainment 13
Visit Macu Picu Travel 13
Meet a youtuber Social 13
Visit Dublin Travel 12
Visit Madrid Travel 12
Visit Poland Travel 12
Barcelona Travel 11
Visit Istanbul Travel 11
Travel to England Bucket List 10
Visit Vienna Travel 9
Go To Hong Kong Travel 9
eat healthy Health 7
Visit Stockholm Travel 7
Go to south america Bucket List 6
Find true love for life Bucket List 5
live in dream house Financial 5
Visit Marrakech Travel 5
Bungeejumpen Bucket List 4
start running Sport 4
Visit Nigeria Travel 4
Learn portuguese Bucket List 4
Be Happy Well-being 4
Children Bucket List 3
visit Bali Travel 3
go to Los angels Travel 3
Go to a Cosplay Entertainment 3
Go Vagabonding Travel 3
Relive a movie scene Bucket List 3
Have 5 piercings Creativity 3
Ears double pierced Bucket List 3
Forgive my parents Relationships 2
Swim with sea animals Bucket List 2
Go On A Kenyan Safari Bucket List 2
Gaan trouwen Relationships 2
Live in Spain Moving 2
Eurotrip by car Travel 2
built house Career 2
een hele dag ja zeggen Bucket List 2
Travel to every state Bucket List 2
buy YSL: bag Well-being 2
Work abroad Career 2
go to disney world Entertainment 2
have surprise party Relationships 2
Be Tumblr Famous Social 2
Get a belly piercing Creativity 2
move to england Bucket List 2
10 pushups Bucket List 2
Dolphin Watching Bucket List 2
Visit Seoul Travel 2
eat McDonalds in the USA Bucket List 2
buy Gucci bag Well-being 2
3-day trip alone Travel 2
Hacerme un tatuaje Bucket List 2
have baby Relationships 2
make a film Creativity 2
Do 100 pushups Sport 2
Zuipvakantie 2014 Culture 2
Get an A* at A Level Education 1
meet Joy Social 1
Tirarme de un paracaidas Bucket List 1
In een film spelen. Entertainment 1
Fuck a MILF Bucket List 1
Inglaterra Travel 1
ogen laseren Education 1
excuses Thaïs Baert Relationships 1
Go to ULTRA Miami Bucket List 1
Go on at least 3 dates Relationships 1
Husky krijgen Entertainment 1
Cater a large event Bucket List 1

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