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Some examples of challenges:

Description Category #
Go to Australia Travel 212
Scuba dive Bucket List 49
go to london Travel 37
See The Taj Mahal Travel 32
Dye hair Bucket List 29
Fly on a plane Bucket List 19
Travel to Sydney Travel 14
Start my own blog Creativity 13
Visit Macu Picu Travel 13
Go to vidcon Entertainment 13
Visit Poland Travel 12
Meet a youtuber Social 12
Visit Dublin Travel 12
Visit Madrid Travel 12
Barcelona Travel 11
Visit Istanbul Travel 11
Travel to England Bucket List 10
Visit Vienna Travel 9
Go To Hong Kong Travel 9
Visit Stockholm Travel 7
eat healthy Health 7
Go to south america Bucket List 6
Find true love for life Bucket List 5
live in dream house Financial 5
Visit Marrakech Travel 5
start running Sport 4
Visit Nigeria Travel 4
Learn portuguese Bucket List 4
Be Happy Well-being 4
Bungeejumpen Bucket List 4
Have 5 piercings Creativity 3
visit Bali Travel 3
Go Vagabonding Travel 3
go to Los angels Travel 3
Ears double pierced Bucket List 3
Go to a Cosplay Entertainment 3
Children Bucket List 3
Relive a movie scene Bucket List 3
Forgive my parents Relationships 2
buy Gucci bag Well-being 2
Gaan trouwen Relationships 2
Swim with sea animals Bucket List 2
Live in Spain Moving 2
Work abroad Career 2
built house Career 2
buy YSL: bag Well-being 2
move to england Bucket List 2
Go On A Kenyan Safari Bucket List 2
go to disney world Entertainment 2
Get a belly piercing Creativity 2
Visit Seoul Travel 2
Be Tumblr Famous Social 2
10 pushups Bucket List 2
Dolphin Watching Bucket List 2
Travel to every state Bucket List 2
eat McDonalds in the USA Bucket List 2
Zuipvakantie 2014 Culture 2
3-day trip alone Travel 2
Hacerme un tatuaje Bucket List 2
Do 100 pushups Sport 2
Read Tabinof Culture 2
make a film Creativity 2
een hele dag ja zeggen Bucket List 2
Inglaterra Travel 1
Get an A* at A Level Education 1
Tirarme de un paracaidas Bucket List 1
meet Joy Social 1
In een film spelen. Entertainment 1
zeilboot afmaken Creativity 1
Fuck a MILF Bucket List 1
ogen laseren Education 1
excuses Thaïs Baert Relationships 1
Go to ULTRA Miami Bucket List 1
Husky krijgen Entertainment 1
Cater a large event Bucket List 1

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